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Admin's note:

Hello there! Unfortunately, I only know a very limited amount of German, so please bear with me if I make mistakes. I don't mind roleplaying in either literature or script, but literature RPs will take me a bit longer to respond. If I don't respond to RPs it would mean that it may have gotten buried in my messages, or the RP is at a dead end and I have no clue how to respond to it. Sorry ;u;

Prussia had been one of my favourite characters since one of my friends introduced Hetalia to me three years ago, and I love drawing him (and Gilbird). I've learnt about the country and the Teutonic Knights for quite some time, so I guess I'm pretty set with roleplaying him.

I am more of a hetero shipper (but I don't mind yaoi at all). My main ships are with Hungary, S. Italy (preferably Nyo!) and England (the exceptional yaoi). However, I am keeping Prussia single for now so I can keep my options open. I don't quite enjoy pairing Prussia with OCs and I prefer roleplaying with Hetalia ask/RP accounts and not main accounts.


I have not been here for a long time.

Since it's summer, I might as well answer some questions (even if they're highly over-due).


The Kingdom of Prussia - Gilbert Beilschmidt

The Kingdom of Prussia


:bulletwhite: Country Name: The Kingdom of Prussia/Königreich Preußen [Already DDR]. Currently part of East Germany/Ostdeutschland.

:bulletwhite: Capital City: East Berlin/Ost-Berlin

:bulletblack: Religion: Roman Catholicism

:bulletwhite: Human Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt

:bulletblack: Nicknames: Gil, Gilbo.

:bulletwhite: Gender: Male

:bulletblack: Birthday: January 18th

:bulletwhite: Age: Appears to be in his mid twenties.

:bulletblack: Height: 5'10" / 178cm

:bulletwhite: Eye colour: Dark red

:bulletblack: Hair: Platinum blond.

:bulletwhite: Body: Lean & Athletic

:bulletblack: Relationship Status: Taken by Her Awesomeness AskFemLuxembourg ;D


• S T A T U S •

love struck | crushing big time! | awesome | hyper | excited | cheerful | happy | calm | rampage mode | smacking a bitch | pissed | angry | peeved | mixed emotions | neutral | sleepy | nostalgic | uncomfortable | confused | sad | distraught | crummy | crying | depressed | jumpy | anxious | frightened | paranoid | deathly afraid

perfectly healthy | healthy | okay | so-so | sick | throwing up | hurt | injured | recovering | critically wounded | mortally wounded | hospitalized | dead | ghost

perfectly healthy | healthy | okay | so-so | a little off | hearing voices | seeing things | losing my mind | crazy | insane | never coming back


. : H E A D C A N O N S : .

:bulletblack: Prussia may stand out to be extremely egoistical, self-centered, cocky and annoying. He wants everyone to know him and his name. He is afraid of being forgotten by everyone.

:bulletwhite: [In relation to the previous point] The moment everyone on earth forgets about the Kingdom of Prussia itself, his physical body will die and his embodiment will disappear. He lives on because of many people who had learnt about the kingdom's history.

:bulletblack: Offer him German beer and he will love you 69evr he will offer to pay for your drinks the next time you go to a pub together. His favourite beers are the ones under Calsberg and Köstritzer.

:bulletwhite: He considers Gilbird to be as awesome as him. He met Gilbird when he was wandering through a forest nearby the territory of the Teutonic order. It was directly after Gilbird's first flight away from his nest and he flew too far away from it, so Prussia found him injured on the ground, peeping as if he was crying for help. Prussia tried to help him find his nest again, but there were none around him. He took him back to his place and tended him until he got better. Gilbird then decided to stay with Prussia as a loyal companion, and so Prussia shared his life span with him.

:bulletblack: Contrary to popular belief, he isn't a loud-ass-obnoxious-idiot all the time. He may be loud and obnoxious, but he isn't even close to being an idiot. He is in fact quite intelligent, and likes to have some alone time to himself as well. He is very fond of reading, and his favourite book is The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

:bulletwhite: [In relation to the previous point] After WWII, he decided to apply to Technische Universität Berlin to major in engineering (he just wanted to see if he was on the right page with every other engineer). The subjects he took were the subjects he loved most - taking advanced mathematics and physics classes, and also history for fun.

:bulletblack: After graduating from TUB, Prussia got a side job by working in BMW (car manufacturer). Five years later, he quit the job and started his own automobile repair shop, which is open on weekdays. He simply loves fixing cars and he doesn't mind the fair amount of money that he is paid by his customers. He also likes to give upgrades to cars: upgrading their motor capacity, installing subs into cars and also giving them a "makeover".

:bulletwhite: On weekends he prefers to hang out with friends, but when he is alone he would stay home and write some songs. He mostly writes songs based on his emotions, and specifically written about his experiences throughout his life. They refer to him feeling lonely, to Old Man Fritz, to the times when he was under the Soviet Union, and to his mixed feelings about his best friend, Hungary.

:bulletblack: He owns three guitars. One acoustic guitar, one fiery red Gibson SG and a Prussian blue custom Fender Stratocaster.

:bulletwhite: He likes eating mashed potatoes with bratwurst, and his favourite dessert is a piece of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake).

:bulletblack: Pretzels are his favourite snack. Recently he's been eating pretzels dipped in Nutella.

:bulletwhite: He wasn't too fond of Russia because of the way he treated him, however after 1991 he began to act friendlier towards him.

. : H I S T O R Y : .
-- WIP --

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